Do you currently suffer from degeneration problems in your back?

Is this causing you pain on a regular basis and now you are looking for answers?

1.) Introduction

Braces for degenerative back issues can help people. They do not cure you, but they can add needed support to your back and this can help to control pain problems for patients. If a person is going to have surgery, or has had surgery, braces for the back can serve a dual purpose. Not only can they help to reduce pain, but they can also restrict motion that will facilitate the healing process for the individual. Choosing the best brace depends on the condition the patient is in. We will discuss different braces in this article so you are more aware of the best options available to you.

2.) Best Back Braces For Degenerative Issues

If you suffer from back problems that are associated to degenerative issues in your spine, then this section of the article can help you. There are different kinds of braces that range from less restrictive to more restrictive. Remember, just because you get a rigid brace that is more restrictive, does not mean that you are getting a bad support. It all depends on the amount of brace you will need at the time it is issued.

A.) Corsets: These are back supports that are less restrictive in nature. This is a very common medically prescribed brace that can help reduce pain and limit motion. They are considered to be more of a reminder for people not to make the wrong movement and are not considered to be very restrictive. Usually, people receive what is called a lumbosacral corset, which supports the lower back. Although the lumbosacral corset is common, dorsal lumbar corsets exist that are for the entire back. Dorsal lumbar corsets usually have shoulder straps that help to limit flexion of the spine.

B.) Traditional LSOs and TLSOs: These braces are typically made to be more restrictive. They usually use more plastic that provides rigidity in the orthopedic bracing industry. If your spine is less stable, or you just had a serious surgical procedure done, then an LSO or TLSO may be prescribed by your doctor. They usually restrict more motion than a corset does and this is not necessarily bad for patients.

Note: This is health information. Although it is good information, it is best to get medical advice about bracing from your local, licensed orthotist.

Source by Daniel Rinella