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Hayaku 7mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve

✮ INJURY PREVENTION AND RECOVERY REHABILITATION: Soft neoprene material keeps your knees warm which lubricates your joints and prevents injuries. Workout with a peace of mind.

✮ Snug Fit: 7mm thick high quality neoprene prevents slippage. A Knee sleeve designed with squats in mind.

✮ Built to Last – High quality neoprene material will withstand countless number of washes. The only pair of knee sleeves you’ll ever need.

The Sleeve Designed for Serious Athletes

Popular among serious athletes in the sports of weightlifing, strongman, powerlifting, and Crossfit.

Renowned support, durability, and distinctive looks. A staple for the gym.


✮ 7mm for a Snug fit. Ideal for squats in the gym.

✮ Preventive and Recovery Effect – use to prevent injuries and for faster recovery and rehabilitation from existing injuries

✮ The Right Fit – use the sizing guidelines in the images to find the perfect fit for your knees

✮ Performance – achieve more while feeling safe

✮ Support and Stability

✮ Warmth – prevention and reduction of stiff muscles and joints

Measure the knee mid patella with the leg straight. If tight competition fit is desired, order one size smaller than the recommended sizes in the images

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back

Sold as a PAIR (2 Knee Sleeves)

✦ Sold as a Pair of 2!
✦ 7mm thickness with tight openings to prevent slippage
✦ 100% neoprene construction for warmth and elasticity, Injury prevention and recovery/rehabilitation
✦ Knee sleeves designed specifically for weightlifting
✦ Our Guarantee: If for any reason you don’t absolutely love your knee sleeves, just return them and we’ll refund every single penny or send you a replacement. No questions asked.