The Truth About Non-neoprene Knee Braces Revealed!

In this free article we would like to inform you a material that is similar to neoprene but it will not irritate your skin in the same way. You will see what we mean…

Drytex is a material that is somewhat similar, but in many respects is different to neoprene. Both neoprene and drytex are elastic in nature, but drytex is actually made of a lycra fabric that surrounds a nylon core.

Benefits of Drytex Knee Braces

Many people will tell us that the drytex material that they have chosen in their knee brace is more comfortable than neoprene. Virtually all knee brace manufacturers use neoprene, which may be good for some people, because they have never heard of drytex!

Drytex is a material that is described by many people as being much more breathable, and is a lot less “hot” to wear next to their skin versus that of neoprene. If you live in a warm climate like in Florida, or California, you can appreciate a material that is more breathable and won’t make you sweat as much during activity! If you compared the two materials anywhere else you may appreciate the difference that drytex gives you without having to be in a warm climate!


If you are an individual that has an allergy to neoprene in the first place, you may want to consider using a knee brace that includes drytex instead. Since drytex is different, it offers a helpful alternative for people that have an allergy to neoprene.

The Combination of The Two

When you think about the information above, it makes sense to consider using a drytex knee brace instead of a neoprene based design. We are not saying neoprene is defective, but rather there are benefits to drytex that many people will do not seem to be indicating in the neoprene material, when it comes to knee brace use.

Source by Daniel P. Sims