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Envelop Adjustable Stabilizing Knee Support .

This adjustable knee support has been specially designed , medical grade neoprene to provide comfort and additional support to the knee. Its purpose is to support an injured knee during recovery and relieve pressure and pain whilst giving free movement.

What Its helps

• Chondromalacia (irritated knee cap)

• Patellar tendon sprains

• Arthritic knee

• Conditions which require lateral (outside) and medial (inside) firmness

• Menisci (cartilage injury)

Sizing: Small- 12″-14″ (30.5-35.5cm) Medium- 14″-15″ (35.5-38.1cm) Large- 15″-16″ (38.1-40.6cm) X-Large-16″-17″ (40.6-43.2cm)Open patella design relieves pressure for total comfort and premium support; Adjustable straps offer precision fitting and prevent brace displacement
Medical grade neoprene provides excellent heat retention and breathability
Premium protection for knee tendons and joints; effectively reduces post-surgery knee pain
Fully adjustable for perfect fit
100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back