How are your knees holding up lately? Do you ever find that you have knee instability or pain issues that you have to deal with?

Introduction: Knee pain is the worst! If you have discomfort then we can feel where you are coming from! It can slow you down and if you consider yourself to be a “big person” then you better read this article. This free information can help you to reduce your knee pain, improve your stability, and also to help you protect the structures of your knee before something goes wrong.

1.) How To Measure For A Knee Brace

Typically there are three measurements that you need to take. What we suggest that you do is find a tape measure. The kind of tape measure that has the centimeters on side and inches on the other side. Then, what you need to do is find a land mark both 6″ (15cm) above your knee, and 15cm (6″) below your knee. Also, locate your knee center. With your leg and knee straight, take a circumference measurement at each of these 3 points we just talked about. What you will need to do is record your answers and then take them with you to a knee brace website later on… It is important to note that the circumference measurement taken 6″ above your knee is them is the most important measurement. However, if you are a “Big Person” like the author of this article, then you will need to also have the other two measurements just to make sure you are getting the right size.

2.) How Knee Braces Help “Big People”

Let’s face it, when we are big, then we have more stress on our knees. Its just a fact. The more weight you have to carry, the more your knees have to work. – After a while, knee pain and instability can occur due to an injury, or incident, or even a degenerative knee problem. – Knee braces can be extremely helpful in providing people with meaningful support. This support will help to promote healing, and it will help to provide stability and pain reduction as well.

It is important to note that knee braces can be very helpful, but they do not cure you. They can be extremely helpful, as this article can be, but you have to remember that self diagnosis is not recommended and speaking with your doctor for medical advice is important as well. This health information can help, but we are not our doctor.

Source by Daniel P. Sims