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The Ipow patella brace as a premium quality flexible slims insert and is designed to be worn directly bellow patella, over the patella tendon. It helps act as a buffer over the point of tendon insertion on the tibia, allowing dissipation of forces going through the patella and tendon.

The Ipow patella knee brace can used to help with pain associated with any patella tendon irritation and inflammation caused by occupational or sports activities.It is designed to help normalize patella tracking and help reduce unwanted or excessive movement of the patella. The adjustable strap provides a Custom compression and Fit.

Segmented fix design can make adjustment according personal knee’s curves to supply better protection of patella;
Built-in high quality flexible slims, prevent damage and reduce pay for some outdoor sports;
Double Knot Design,fully adjustable,fit up to 18-in and adjust tightness;
High-quality ok fabrics, soft and breathable for a comfortable fit;
Strong ability to fashionable, permeability and absorption ability, very soft and easy to wash;