The fear and uneasiness related to anxiety attacks has given the disorder a bad reputation. Many people actually did not know the cause of these attacks and because of this, they live in constant fear of the possibility to experience such attack, thus making them more prone to severe anxiety. Before we discuss the causes of this condition, let us first find out what this is and what happens to the person who will experience it.

Anxiety attacks also known as panic attacks in medical term are episode of extreme panic or fear that occurs without prior notice. It usually last from a few seconds to 30 minutes at an average. The anxiety symptoms during the said attack reach its peak in an estimated time of more or less 10 minutes. The distressful condition of the person with it during this span of time can be a really scary or uncomfortable experience. If a person suffers from this, he has the tendency to feel as if he is having a heart attack or a nervous breakdown. The common symptoms of this illness are increase in heartbeat, feeling numb, excessive sweating, fear of dying and weakness in the knees.

The causes of anxiety attacks are different from one person to another making it hard to determine. Oftentimes, a person has the tendency to suffer from this if he doesn’t know how to react on a certain situation i.e. performing on stage and getting stuck inside the elevator. Among children who suffer panic attacks, on noticeable factor of such disorder form happening is fear. Thus a person becomes more prone to it if he experience losing his job, divorce, heavy financial loss and death in the family. Anxiety attacks are common to people with psychological disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder and post traumatic stress disorder.

These attacks are also related to other physical factors like intake of antidepressants and other medicines which can interfere in the brain’s normal function. At some instances, it is also one of the withdrawal symptoms of drug addiction.

As said earlier, attacks happen suddenly and without any warning. Controlling your breath and looking for distractions can help lessen the effect of anxiety, thus buying you more time so you can ask for help by calling emergency services. If you constantly suffer from this, it is best to carry a paper bag with you. Breathing into the paper bag is considered to be the most effective short term relief method of anxiety attack. If you really want to put an end to all these attacks, you can resort to different psychological therapies and medications like cognitive behavioral therapy.

This is a short discussion about anxiety attack – what is it, what are its causes and how to deal with it. Knowing how to deal with such attacks can be an advantage itself.

Source by Amy M Chan