Ankle sprains are so common as the ankle muscle is one of the weakest in the entire human body. It is vital that you prevent weak ankles via strengthening exercises, even if you’re not into serious sports.

Stronger ankles simply means that you will be a lot less likely to encounter injuries down the road, and even if you do the damage will be less severe. This would result in faster recovery times also.

Certain types of sports are more prone to ankle sprains, volleyball, soccer, tennis and basketball are all high up on that list. These sports require either jumping or very quick directional changes, and if your ankles are not strong enough to handle the body’s momentum, you might end up tearing a ligament in your lower leg.

Studies have shown that using ankle supports such as tape, can drastically reduce the occurrences of ankle sprains. However, it’s not as simple as just getting some tape and mummifying your foot, there is a proper way to wrap your ankles in tape and if you are interested you should do some research or buy a book on how to bandage your foot the correct way.

Although ankle tape is used widely nowadays by amateurs as well as professional athletes, sporting and rehabilitation products have been coming out in the market that will soon phase it out. The problem with tape is that it can come undone or loosen as you move about. How well it holds depends on how vigorous your movements are as well as how well the tape was applied.

Enter the age of the ankle brace. There are many professional grade braces available in the market that will prevent ankle sprains and that are very comfortable to wear. They can be slipped on in seconds and will never loosen up during a sporting match.

One of the best ankle supports available on the market is the ASO ankle brace. It’s light and strong and allows you to wear your sports shoes right over it without any discomfort. Another couple of brands to have a look at are McDavid and AirCast, if you’re into serious sports or have suffered from an ankle injury in the past.

Ankle braces do provide you with the confidence and strength in your lower leg but remember that you cannot solely depend on this alone, as warm up, stretching and muscle strengthening have a big part to play in injury prevention as well.

Source by Mark Webbly