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The EX-701 Performance Knee Brace is a premium neoprene support designed from the ground up with advanced features that really make a difference to functional knee support.’ Different by design – Unlike other generic knee supports which have 3 strap designs we have made this knee brace to tackle common feedback from consumers such as: ‘knee supports tend to slip down a lot’, ‘the velcro adhesion dies’ ‘poor support’ ‘excess material behind the knee’. The way we have designed the EX-701 addresses all of these issues: The 4 way fully adjustable strap system is at the heart of the design. Two large straps anchor the brace securely and prevents it from slipping down during movement. Two smaller cross over straps securely isolates the patella tendon helping with alignment, tacking jumper’s knee or inflamed patella tendonitis. The same strap system creates a comfort gap behind the knee which allows the knee to bend unrestricted and also allows no material piling up, making it much more comfortable to wear. With built in double lateral stabilisers either side of the knee it creates a much more rigid and supportive brace but also stays flexible. The EX-701 has a low profile and weighs only 175g so it’s comfortable to wear under clothes. We have added some premium touches such as the jacquard lycra inner lining, the same material used for undergarments to keep skin as irritation free as possible. We have added an optional elastic sleeve to further enhance comfort creating a smooth surface for the small straps to touch the skin at the back of the knee therefore eliminating any cutting or digging into the skin. The EX-701 is a unique performance knee brace designed on purpose by athletes and fitness professionals, Try the EX-701 and feel the difference Sizing info: Fits knees up to 22 inches or 56cm measured 3 inches above the knee across the Thigh minimum knee circumference 13 inchesUnique 4 Way compression designed from the ground up – Different to all other knee braces 4 dedicated straps for anchoring across thigh and lower leg plus 2 individual cross over straps to isolate and track patella tendon providing super snug support
Double lateral stabilizers – For medial collateral and lateral ligament support, weak knees, arthritis knee conditions and sports requiring lateral stability such as skiing and basketball
3mm High Grade Neoprene – Provides heat retaining therapeutic properties to aid healing injured knees. Perfectly balanced between flexibility and support
Premium Finish and fit – Finished with a jacquard lycra inner lining to protect sensitive skin from excess sweating or irritation along with optional elastic sleeve which helps with extra comfort and ease of fitting
Enhanced comfort features – Stemming from the innovative 4 way strap system providing a comfort gap behind the knee resolves common complaints of restricted knee bending, excess material pilling up and also provides ventilation