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The Doc Miller 4-spring-support neoprene knee support features a breathable design with open patella. The product features an Open patella design to relieves stress on the kneecap while patella stabilizer prevents displacement of the wrap and guides the kneecap into proper motion. The product has 3 straps that allows users to find the perfect fit, and silicone coating inside prevents slippage when active. The extra soft but thick neoprene-infused layer provides added protection and comfort. Moisture vents cover the entire brace to dissipate sweat effectively and create a comfortable wearing experience. The 3 Velcro belts are adjustable to fits 12 inches to 20 inches in knee circumference. This offer is for one piece and is interchangeable between legs.4-Spring design, two springs on either side gives solid stable form and support to knee.
Breathable soft Neoprene infused materials for comfort and support.
Open patella design relieves pressure and reduces knee fatigue from heavy usage
One size fits most knee circumference ranging from 12 inches to 20 inches.
Silicone strips prevents slippage, while 3-adjustable velcro with stop-strip velcro in between provides the correct level of adjustment.