Are you searching for a way to help stabilize your knee?

Your Knee Problem

Let’s take a moment here to talk about this, because it will determine which path you take in finding a knee brace. When you are looking for a knee brace, it is important to determine if you are looking for a way to help stabilize your kneecap (patella) or if you are looking for support for the rest of your ligaments, meniscii, tendons etc.

Knee Cap Problems

Sometimes people can have a knee problem that makes their patella dislocate laterally (toward the outside). When this happens, the pain can be a problem of course, but so can the mental strain of watching your knee cap slide out of place!

Knee braces for dislocating patellas usually include an elastic strap and buttress that rest on the outside of the patella, that provides a slight force toward the middle of your stance. When this happens, the patella is less likely to move laterally, and your dislocation worries have just diminished!

Overall Stability & Pain Issues

When you move away from strictly the patella, and you are looking for a good knee brace, you will need to ask yourself a couple important questions.

1.) Do I have mild, moderate or severe knee discomfort?

2.) Do I have mild, moderate or severe knee instability?

You will need to error on the maximum pain and instability that you have felt, because you will need the appropriate knee support when you are faced with these painful or unstable situations again! Once you have these answers you can take them with you to the brace website you are reviewing. You will find that many brace websites will offer their knee braces according to the answers you just came up with…

The Bottom Line

When you are worried about your knee, it is important to remember that speaking with your physician is very important. Many people will seek answers from non-qualified people, so it is important to speak with your physician about medical advice. Self diagnosis is never recommended.

Having said this, most of us can subjectively rate our knee pain and instability, or rate our need for future knee support. Meaningful knee supports can increase your stability, help reduce your knee pain and improve your knee protection as well. – It is your choice whether to go with a brace or not, but in the end you do not want to regret not supporting your knee while you could have!

Source by Daniel P. Sims