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Have you been struggling with knee problems, and been unable to find the right knee sleeve to address them?

Some common knee sleeve and knee brace complaints include:

– the material is too thin and rips or tears easily

– not enough support is provided

– the sleeve is too bulky, and becomes uncomfortable when bending the knee

– improperly designed stitching results in chafing

– the sleeve won’t stay in place, and begins to loosen or sag as the day goes on

The Crescendo Athletics knee sleeve solves all of these problems and more.

High-density, durable neoprene supports the knee joint for all fitness activities and sports, including gym fitness training, weightlifting, running, basketball, Crossfit, martial arts, cycling, hiking, track sports, and more. The 100% latex-free 4mm neoprene provides support and stability; yet the smooth, contoured fit allows it to be worn discreetly underneath clothing. Adding to the superior comfort is the flat-seam design of the stitching, which eliminates potential chafing problems. Our knee braces are anatomically designed to stay secure, providing compression and warmth not only while engaging in fitness activities, but also during extended sessions of inactivity, such as sitting on a plane or at a desk.

Sizing Chart

Measure at the middle part of the knee, with your knee straight:

Small = 11-13in / 30-34cm

Medium = 13-15in / 34-38cm

Large = 15-17in / 38-42cm

***If you are between sizes, we recommend the smaller size for a snug fit. Better to have it a little tight than too loose!***

We are extremely proud of our products, and gladly offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

✔HIGH-DENSITY, DURABLE 4mm NEOPRENE: Provides Support and Stability; Yet the Smooth, Contoured Fit Allows It to Be Worn Discreetly Underneath Clothing
✔SUPPORTS THE KNEE JOINT FOR ALL SPORTS AND FITNESS ACTIVITIES: Knee Sleeves for Basketball, Gym Fitness Training, Weightlifting, Running, Crossfit, Martial Arts, Cycling, Hiking, Track Sports, and more!
✔SUPERIOR COMFORT: Our Knee Braces Are Anatomically Designed to Stay Secure, Providing Compression and Warmth Not Only While Engaging in Fitness Activities, But Also During Extended Sessions of Inactivity (Such As Sitting on a Plane or At a Desk), and the Flat Seam Design Eliminates Chafing
✔ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY, OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED AND COMPLIANT: Eco-Friendly, 100% Latex-Free Composition of Our Knee Support Sleeve is Certified and Approved CE, FDA and EC REP
✔100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If For Any Reason You Are Not Completely Thrilled With Your Knee Sleeve, Just Let Us Know and We Will Gladly Refund or Replace It!