Chronic knee injuries can cause a lot of unnecessary pain and inconvenience. Jumpers knee is a condition that can effect many people. If you play a sport that requires repeat jumping, then it is likely that you are at risk. The great news is, should you have some symptoms of jumpers knee, there is a very quick and easy cure. A knee-strap will not only help to take the pain away immediately, it will also give your knee a very good chance at healing in the long term.

Jumper’s knee is a condition in which the patella tendon of the knee has become overloaded. Repeated stress can put a lot of strain through the tendon, and overtime it can become overused. it will often show signed of inflammation and deterioration, and it can be a very painful condition.

A knee strap will help cure your jumpers knee by:

  • Placing pressure on the patella tendon, which is the source of pain and redirecting where the stress will go through.
  • Relieving the tendon from taking all the stress whilst jumping.
  • Give your patella tendon relative rest and allow it to heal whilst still active.

Best Jumper’s Knee Strap

At the end of the day, any knee strap will be better than none, however there are two brands of knee straps that rise above the others in regards to quality. The McDavid Knee Strap and the Mueller Jumpers Strap are both popular choices. Both are competitively priced and cannot be beaten for quality.

You will find that your pain will almost disappear once you have applied the strap, and you will also notice a significant reduction in long term pain and inflammation. Combined with other treatments this is a very effective option and will help you play pain free.

Source by Cade Herald