Do you enjoy playing golf, but have a knee issue you are dealing with currently?

1.) Knee Braces For Support

Knee problems can keep you from playing the game that you enjoy. We do not want this to happen to you, but when it does, then you need to start thinking about some options to help solve your knee issue. One way to help treat your knee instability or pain is with the use of a well designed knee brace. Braces can help, however they are not all the same. We will help give you some pointers to get you on the right track, without having to pay “an arm and a leg” for your new knee support! We would rather you save your hard earned money and spend it on new toys, such as a driver etc.!

2.) The Game of Golf & Knee Problems

Most people indicate that their pain or instability problems flare up in a few different scenarios on the course. You may find that your same issues coincide with these, or you may have some of your own. Here are a few common examples that people tell us about. People usually indicate that your knee pain or instability flares when:

A.) Walking up and down hills

B.) Golfers having knee problems during their backswing

C.) Golfers having knee problems during the swing through phase

Do your knee problems flare up in any of these scenarios?

3.) Transferring Weight During Your Swing

As you move your weight transfers back and forth, or, side to side, depending on what you are doing. You already know this to be true… When you have a knee issue of some kind and you push yourself on the course, excessive movements can make your discomfort or instability soar! Knee supports can help, at the very least, to remind you not to make certain movements that will cause you pain. Many times they will help you to avoid these excessive movements entirely, and you will find that you can play for a lot longer with the use of a support for your knee.

4) Mild, Moderate, or Severe?

Take a moment and think about your knee instability and pain on a scale 1-10. Is the issue mild, moderate or severe? It is best to probably error on the side of more instability or pain in this scenario. The reason why is that you will need to have the most knee support ready when your knee issues really flares up! When you go to a knee brace website, you will find that they offer these supports based on mild, moderate or severe pain and instability scenarios.

5.) Golf Apparel

You will also find that with the improvements in design that many low profile knee braces can fit underneath your clothing.

Source by Daniel P. Sims