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Our Knee Compression Sleeve will elevate your training to the next level. Providing comfortable compression action that will see you training longer and harder. As you train your body has to pump blood back up to your heart to retrieve fresh batches of oxygen, our compression sleeve helps your veins push blood back up to the heart faster so your Knees and legs are always oxygenated. The enhanced circulation of blood provided by our sleeves will also lower the amount of painful lactic acid build up that is ubiquitous to hard training. The Knee sleeve will help improve muscle regeneration and alleviate soreness from standing all day, your knees are an important part of your life and absorb impact with every step you take, give them the love they deserve! ComfortGear Compression sleeves are designed with comfort and steady blood circulation promoting compression action. The effects of compression sleeves have only been revealed in recent decades, but it’s effect is incredible considering the fact that all you have to do is put the compression sleeve on. With no side effect like other sports enhancing products you can safely use the sleeve for any physical activity and watch how with compression sleeves you are able to have that bit of extra energy to bring your game to the next level. Professional athlete from football players to basketball stars all wear compression sleeve, recent scientific study in the past decades have shown what an amazing impact compression sleeve can do for anyone pushing their muscle to the limit. Compression Sleeve do more than increase energy however, it also improves muscle regeneration and soothes pain. Even if you don’t plan on doing strenuous exercise our sleeves can still help you alleviate pain and soreness.Our Copper Nylon Content of 88% is one of the highest amongst our competitors. Copper Nylon is similar to other nylon fabric only infused with trace amount of copper that help keeps bacterial reproduction in check thus reducing foul odor
The Soft Sleek Streamlined Nylon texture gives our compression sleeves a comfortable silky feel while the natural water repellant characteristics of nylon helps wick sweat away for dry comfortable skin. Our sturdy state-of-the-art design will help ensure your sleeves remain taut even years of usage.
Compression sleeves increases blood circulation, increasing the amount of oxygen flowing to the muscle thus improving muscle regeneration and muscle recovery to allow you to get back to your training that much faster.
ComfortGear Compression Sleeves come with anti-slip design so your sleeves will stay on no matter how strenuous the activity.
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