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Whether you’re a CrossFit fanatic or a powerlifting pro, these premium, competition-grade sleeves give you the support and confidence to go harder and heavier in your workouts-without being too hard on your knees!

Those cleans and squats are great for building explosive strength in your legs-but let’s face it: they’re a killer on your knees. If you’re already dealing with knee pain, or just want to be proactive in protecting your joints, the AlphaSport Knee Sleeve gives you the support you need to push harder and get stronger with every workout!

Cheaper knee braces stretch out, tear, or slide around so you constantly have to readjust them while working out. But not ours. Made of thick, stretchy neoprene, our sleeves are triple stitched for durability. The proprietary 3-D design generates extra heat around your knee to help prime the joint for optimal performance. It supports your knees during squatting and other leg-intensive exercises and helps prevent post-workout stiffness and aching.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, volleyball, basketball, or dance-when your knees feel good, you’re ready to kick your game into high gear!

Get more for your money with the AlphaSport Knee Sleeve! Each package includes a PAIR of quality sleeves. You get 2 for the same price you’d pay for 1 with other brands!

• Includes two (2) knee sleeves
• Supportive yet flexible
• Made of high-quality 7mm neoprene
• Triple stitching for extra durability
• Keeps knee joints warm
• Special stabilizing 3-D design
• Machine washable, air dry
• For men & women
• IPF and IWF-legal for Raw and Open Competition

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Compression Keeps Knees Feeling Great: Supports knees and eases pain during & after your workout, so you can accelerate your progress! Great for weight lifting, CrossFit, powerlifting, MMA, bodybuilding & more.
Stabilizing, Therapeutic 3-D Design: Our exclusive brace design generates extra warmth around your knee, which primes the joint for optimal blood flow, mobility and performance.
Quality Materials: Featuring thick, 7mm premium neoprene fabric and triple stitching, our knee sleeve stands up to the most rigorous workouts. Won’t stretch out or tear like inferior braces!
Comfortable, No-Slip Fit: Our knee sleeve is designed for a snug fit at the top and the bottom-so it won’t ride up or slide around during your workout. No need to constantly readjust.
90-Day Replacement Warranty: We want you to have the best experience with our product. If you have any issues with our knee sleeves within 90 days of purchase, we’ll replace them free.