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Knee braces are popular within athletes and people all the time workout. Increasingly more people want to find themselves great knee Fortify braces to relief pain of the injured knees or give protection to knee from knee injuries in workout. So how to find the most efficient knee Fortify braces?
Knee Fortify: Our Adjustable Knee Support Brace provides you the BASIC Patella Stabilizer Kneecap Fortify, which is best for daily protection in workout or minor injuries, instability and pain, like a knee strain, sprain or any other minor knee injury.
Remember: If you suffer from knee dislocation or some serious injury, you may also need go for advanced or elite knee Fortify instead.
Brace material: This Knee Fortify Brace is made by neoprene. There’s a concern about the moisture-wicking ability for neoprene knee braces, but our material is breathable, which has holes to attract moisture from the skin when you workout. It still gives a bit of warmth to your knee as other neoprene knee braces but will not build up a sweat when you doing sports.
Size adjustable: Whilst choosing a knee brace, you wish to have measure knee circumference first, even it might one size fits most, there still have some limitations. This adjustable knee brace has three Velcro straps.
Note: You’ll be able to trim the velcro on your own if it was once too long and would cover the knee cap.
Comfort: Our knee Fortify brace was once built with soft silicone anti-slip strips which would keep the brace in place and prevent slipping. It isn’t that bulky as some other Stabilizer Knee Brace.
Note: For some people, if feels not that comfortable which all the time depends on the skin sensitivity, please remove the brace and wear it with sweatpants underneath.

LoShane knee support brace made from Neoprene
LoShane knee support brace made from Neoprene
Fully adjustable Knee Brace. With three strong velcro straps, it could fits most knees with the circumferences of 30-58CM. Size in XL, with a width of 24CM, total length of 58.5CM. While you wrap the knee brace on your knee, it could be wrap around your knee with a custom fit and self controlled compression. If the middle velcro strap is too long for you, you can trim the extra length which may cover the kneecap and rub your skin by yourself. The details please see the picture
Breathable neoprene wraparound knee support brace with moisture-wicking ability, which is a good choice for workout. It gives a bit of warmth to your knee without a build-up of sweat
Incorporates patellar stabilizers & lateral stabilizers to ensure keeping the patellar in place whenever your knee moves with the motion range. While runs or workouts, if the knee cap or patella does not track properly in the thighbone or femur’s groove, its friction leads to pain or injuries.
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