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The CrossFire Front Closure offers an extremely comfortable option for treating knee instability. This hybrid, front-closure design provides all the benefits of a wrap-around and a pull on. With lightweight aluminum hinges and compressive materials, the CrossFire Front Closure give stability to the knee joint while managing the pain and swelling associated with ligament damage.

For application instructions visit bioskin(dot)com.

A premium knee brace compared to Breg Knee Braces, McDavid Knee Braces, Shock Doctor Knee Braces, Meuller Knee Braces, Xforce Knee Braces, Compressions Knee Braces, Donjoy Knee Braces, Bauerfeind Knee Braces, Kunto Fitness Knee Braces, CopperJoint Knee Braces, Pro-Tec Knee Braces, Neo-G Knee Braces, Bracoo Knee Braces, ProCare Knee Braces, MediSport Knee Braces, Bledsoe Knee Braces.Effective for treating ligament sprains (ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL).
Hybrid, front-closure design with compression to reduce swelling.
Contoured cut prevents bunching behind the knee.
Thin, breathable material. ActiveSeam prevents chafing.
See Size Chart image for sizing measurements.