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Looking for an effective knee brace that doesn’t compromise on comfort?

Call the search team off, because the Lokser patella knee brace is perfect for you!

You no longer have an excuse to skip those squats. Lokser has been designed to provide unparalleled support while still remaining surprisingly flexible. It works through mild compression and warming of the patella region, which encourages blood flow and improved flexibility. 4 spring side stays work in concert to provide that all important lateral support while a patella opening ensures that there is no unnecessary strain on the kneecap.

One rampant complaint about most knee braces is their instability. You won’t have to worry about any of that with Lokser, as the anti-slip silicone strips and strong Velcro pads ensure that you don’t have to keep to keep adjusting your brace in the middle of your morning jog. It keeps you cool at all times, and complemented by the lightweight design, you’ll even forget you have a knee brace on.

Considering the level of use a typical patella brace gets, quality is crucial. The Lokser neoprene knee brace is made using only the choicest of materials and painstaking stitch work, resulting in a product that is in a league of its own when it comes to durability.

Not convinced? Check out some of its notable benefits:

• Fully adjustable support for assured relief.

• Universal fit of 12 to 18 inches knee circumference.

• Breathable neoprene construction for total comfort.

• Anti-slip silicone strips to enhance stability.

• Availability in 6 attractive colors.

Get that relief you’ve been looking for with the Lokser knee brace. For a 60-day money back guarantee, click “Add to Cart” to order now!

BEST KNEE SUPPORT; if you suffer from the nagging pain of tendonitis, arthritis or meniscus tears, you’ll be more than impressed with the effective support that the Lokser knee brace offers. The 4 spring side stays offer increased lateral support and a patella opening relieves strain off the kneecap, with a breathable touch.
KNEE SUPPORT WITH ANTI-SLIP FEATURES; the Lokser patella knee brace is designed to stay in place no matter how active you get, playing basketball football golf jumper running or any outher sports. This is ensured by extra strong Velcro straps that provide firm knee support and anti-slip silicone strips at the top and bottom that prevent the knee brace from moving about.
FOR SUPREME COMFORT AND DURABILITY; regular knee braces and sleeve have the tendency of getting uncomfortably warm, leading to sweating. This patella stabilizer brace however, is made of breathable neoprene that completely eliminates discomfort caused by sweating. All this is matched by incredibly high quality materials and stitching, which guarantee nothing but longevity.
UNIVERSAL, UNISEX, STYLISH FIT ; fully adjustable straps allow this neoprene knee brace to accommodate sizes ranging from 12 to 18 inches. And with 4 colors available, you can make a style statement whether you’re in the gym, sweating it out on the track or even just doing a bit of grocery shopping.
FULL YEAR NO QUESTION ASK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.; we’re passionate about our products and even more passionate about your satisfaction. Our dedicated customer support team will gladly give you the no-questions asked guarantee if requested. Ready to take that knee pain head on? Then click the Orange button to order Now!