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Color: black

Fabric designed for outside with its comfortable inner cloth material, convenient and durable for use.
Lightweight and pain relieved, it weighs 4.24 OZ and it’s best for people that have knee problems.

Brand: AGPtEK
Weight: 4.24 OZ
Dimension: fixed band: 1.38inch*14.57inch; stretching pad: 1.46incgh*8.27inch
Material: cotton + silicon + cloth
Function: support the knee, provide protection when outside sporting and pain relieved.
Package Include
2 sets of AGPtEK Adjustable Silicone Knee Protection PadAdjustable and fastening, it’s easy to adjust and apply with a nice strong Velcro, providing from slipping and rolling down
Padded for comfort, help with pain associated with any patella tendon irritation and inflammation caused by occupational or sports activities
Relieves pressure: Patella will bear three times higher than its own weight pressure, everytime we are jumping.
Shock-absorbing: A subluxation occurs when we couldn’t keep stable after jumping.
Impact protection:It is very easy to sustain a bone bruise in our knees,like playing football ,basket etc.