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  • Nike Closed Patella Knee Sleeve (Black/Dark Charcoal, Small)

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    Closed Patella Knee Sleeve Black/Dark Charcoal · Ventilated stretch construction (machine washable) / Lightweight, breathable and comfortable without sacrificing support · Strategically placed mesh vents / Enhanced airflow and quick-drying comfort · Easy pull-on design / Comfortable compression fit ·Closed Patella Knee Sleeve
    · Ventilated stretch construction (machine washable)
    Lightweight, breathable and comfortable without sacrificing support · Strategically placed mesh vents
    Enhanced airflow and quick-drying comfort · Easy pull-on design
    Comfortable compression fit

  • ProTec Street Pads 3 Pack

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    Protec Street Gear 3/pack Youth Black Knee Elbow Wrist Skate PadsThese Knee pads feature a solid neoprene backing material and two velcro straps to secure the pads in place.
    These Elbow pads have a solid neoprene backing material plus straps on top and bottom to hold the pads in place.
    These Wrist Guards have metal splints and three velcro straps to keep the guard in place.
    Street Wrist Guards only come in sm, md, and lge sizes.The XL combo pack will include a pair of the large ProTec Street Wrist Guards.

  • Rehband 7751W Rx Women’s Knee Support – Small Purple

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    Finally a real knee sleeve for women. Endorsed by world famous CrossFit athlete Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, the Rehband 7751W Rx Knee Support is the top choice among serious athletes. Offering great support along with it’s great style, the 7751W Rx is a 5mm SBR/Neoprene material that is looks great and performs even better. Don’t chance your knees to anything else. Stick with the company that has been supporting athletes since 1955.5mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve specifically designed for women.
    Hot colors looks as good as the support functions!
    Legendary Rehband quality.
    Top selling brand for serious fitness athletes.
    Priced per sleeve not per pair.

  • Shock Doctor Knee Stabilizer with Flexible Support Stays (Black, X-Large)

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    Shock Doctor Sports is a leading manufacturer of protective and performance sports equipment.  With a relentless focus on innovation and technology, its products are trusted by athletes, from youth to amateur to professional, across a growing number of sports.  Shock Doctor Sports has the world’s leading mouth guard product line and also provides a full continuum of superior athletic products, including core protective, compression, performance sports therapy, sports gloves (under the Cutters brand), and insoles.  Its products are sold through major sporting goods retailers, independent dealers, online retailers, and health care professionals throughout the United States and around the globe.Leading sports protection manufacturer
    Performance and protection in mind
    Worn by professional and college athletes worldwide
    N-Tex air-flow vented neoprene, provides moisture wicking compression for therapeutic warmth and healing
    Pre-Curved anatomical design with dual stabilizers
    This product is not a substitute for medical care. Always seek professional medical advice for the diagnosis and treatment of pain, injury, or irritation.

  • Orthotic Leg Braces to Help You Walk Better – Benefits of AFOs

    Are you looking back on the days when you used to be able to walk with envy?

    Do you wish you could walk the way you used to?

    1.) Introduction

    When you have trouble walking it can be demoralizing. Maybe you already know that your gait has become a problem for you and you are not quite sure what to do about it. Your first thoughts might be, “I have to see a doctor”, while still hoping that you do not have to go in for a surgical procedure to get the problem corrected. – When you consider how many people have foot drop you may be shocked. Just think about it for a second, foot drop can be caused by a stroke, multiple sclerosis, CP, trauma, ALS, a brain tumor, fatigue, and the list goes on. This can add up quickly and you now can see why foot drop is more than just your problem, it is everywhere. – If walking is a problem for you then this free information can help you.

    2.) Common Gait Problems

    Do you, a friend, or family member have these kinds of gait problems?

    A.) High Steppage Gait: This is when the patient lifts their knee high enough to move their foot from behind them, to a location in front of themselves, while walking. This is called “clearing the limb”. The need to move the legs while walking is obvious and if a person has a foot drop then a high steppage gait is commonly utilized to help move a foot that is not working at 100 %.

    B.) Circumduction of The Leg: When an individual has a weakness or problem getting their limb through the gait cycle, they may use a gait deviation called, “circumduction”. When this occurs, the individuals will tend to move their leg in a half circle from behind them to a place in front of their body. Usually, people do not think about moving in a straight line and lifting their feet up as needed, to clear their limb. However, when you have weakness or other issues while walking, then circumduction can commonly be seen.

    C.) Gait Deviations Can Be A Temporary Necessity

    It basically becomes a necessity for many people with foot drop because they have to get from point A to point B and if they are going to do this then they will need to incorporate some kind of gait deviation. Nobody wants to walk like this, but whe