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  • Muller Adjustable Knee Support – One Brace, One Size Fits All

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    Lightweight knee support. Open patella helps stabalize the kneecap. Tension straps for controlled compresion. Padded protection with double layer at knee.Adjustable Knee Support by Mueller

  • What Are the Best Braces For Golfer’s Elbow?

    What is Golfer’s elbow? It can occur on the inside of the elbow especially from constant gripping. A high proportion of golfer’s get this condition which is how it got it’s name. It is also known as medial epicondylitis.

    How do you know if you have Golfer’s elbow? If you feel pain on the inner side of your elbow that spreads to your forearm and wrist you may have it. Golfers are not the only ones that develop the condition. Tennis players and others may also get it.

    The condition occurs when the muscles, ligaments, or tendons on the inner side of the elbow become torn. This tear causes these soft tissues to become inflamed, restricts your movement, and causes pain.

    The main cause of the condition is overuse of the forearm muscles. Activities that cause it put a repetitive and prolonged strain on these muscles. When you have it, you feel pain on the inside of your upper forearm.

    However, you may also feel pain from the elbow joint to the wrist. Your arm may feel weak, and you may also feel tingling and numbness. Stiffness in your arm is another symptom.

    How can you relieve Golfer’s elbow pain? You may be able to relieve your pain by using a golfer’s elbow brace. Golfer’s elbow braces fit the shape of your forearm and are comfortable to wear. Many of these braces are suitable for tennis elbow pain as well.

    Golfer’s elbow braces provide compression, which helps relieve pain. They may also provide warmth, which helps with circulation. They are designed to help you have better elbow function and more arm endurance. They can also improve circulation and joint functions. There are several braces from which to choose.

    Three braces you may want to consider are the Breg Neoprene Elbow Sleeve, the Dr. Bakst Tennis/Golf Magnetic Forearm Brace, and the Bioskin Tennis Elbow Skin/Strap. Each of these braces can help with your golfer’s elbow pain.

    The Dr. Bakst brace is one of the most popular magnetic braces for golfer’s elbow. This brace costs $35.00. The Breg brace is also a good choice, and it retails for $19.95. At $28.95, the Bioskin brace is a good value. Because of its excellent construction and quality, the Dr. Bakst brace may be the best golfer’s elbow brace for your money.

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    Source by J. Pal

  • Product Review – The Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Brace For the Arthritic Knee

    The Bauerfeind Genutrain knee Brace is an anatomically contoured knit support that is breathable and stretched by spiral stays on the sides of the brace.  It is a slip on brace with a special knitting technique that make the support extremely comfortable to wear.  The brace is only made in Germany.

    The high grade elastic knit material is the hallmark of this brace, and is the reason for its popularity among many patients who suffer from arthritis,tendonitis and chondromalacia of the knee.

    This is not your typical store brand elastic knee brace.

    A circular viscoelastic donut surrounds the knee cap and helps correct the position of the patella to prevent tracking and patella instability. This insert redistributes pressure away from the knee cap to the surrounding soft tissue. 

    As the knee flexes and extends, the visco donut moves with the knee cap, thereby massaging the surrounding tissue, helping to control swelling and inflammation.

    This massage effect is ideal for older patients with arthritis and swelling in the knee, and for people that cannot tolerate the more aggressive arthritic hinged type braces.

    Another unique feature that Bauerfeind does with all their knee braces is to lower the compression of the brace around the edges of the thigh and calf areas.  This produces a gradual reduction of pressure at both ends of the support and prevents constriction bands from developing in the lower leg. This feature is ideal for patients with diminished circulation.

    The brace is low profile and provides exceptional uniform compression.  The Genutrain is very popular for golf and tennis as it does not interfere with mobility, flexibility and side to side movement like some hinged type braces.

    The Genutrain is available in black, titanium and nature colors.  It comes in 7 different sizes and is universal for the left or right leg.  The brace is a little pricy due to the US Dollar vs. Euro, but once you put it on, that difference goes away.

    It is always recommended that you consult with your treating doctor to determine the correct brace for your orthopedic condition.

    Source by Dr. Kenneth Shapiro

  • Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter with Bilateral Hinges (Black, XX-Large)- Single

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    Shock Doctor Sports is a leading manufacturer of protective and performance sports equipment.  With a relentless focus on innovation and technology, its products are trusted by athletes, from youth to amateur to professional, across a growing number of sports.  Shock Doctor Sports has the world’s leading mouth guard product line and also provides a full continuum of superior athletic products, including core protective, compression, performance sports therapy, sports gloves (under the Cutters brand), and insoles.  Its products are sold through major sporting goods retailers, independent dealers, online retailers, and health care professionals throughout the United States and around the globe.Leading sports protection manufacturer
    Performance and protection in mind
    Worn by professional and college athletes worldwide
    Bilateral support hinges for stability, protection and increased performance
    N-Tex air flow vented neoprene, provides moisture wicking compression for therapeutic warmth and healing
    This product is not a substitute for medical care. Always seek professional medical advice for the diagnosis and treatment of pain, injury, or irritation.

  • Rehband 7mm Knee Sleeve – Model 7051 Original Blue (Medium (33-36cm))

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    The original 7mm blue knee sleeve from Rehband. This hard to find product is no longer offered by Rehband and is only available to our parent company through an exclusive agreement. This sleeve is the top choice among serious athletes in the sports of weightlifing, strongman, powerlifting, and fitness competitions. Incredible support, durability, and distinctive looks, make the Rehband 7051 sleeve the top sleeve on the market.

    Swedish Design by Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH for prevention and treatment of athletic injuries.

    Featuring and Providing:

    • Anatomical Shape

    • Preventive and Recovery Effect – use to prevent injuries and for faster recovery and rehabilitation from existing injuries

    • The Right Fit – use the sizing guidelines to find the correct fit for your body

    • Performance – achieve more while feeling safe

    • Support and Stability

    • Warmth – prevention and reduction of stiff muscles and joints

    Note: always consult with your physician prior to purchasing this product for treatment of an existing injury.

    • Measure the knee mid patella with the leg straight. If tight competition fit is desired, order one size smaller than the Rehband recommended sizes

    • Sold as a single sleeve, not a pairOriginal 7mm Blue Knee Sleeve from Rehband (Model 7051) in classic Rehband royal blue fabric.
    Designed in Sweden and Made in Estonia by Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH.
    Often imitated but never duplicated – the top selling Rehband knee sleeve of all time.
    Injury prevention and recovery/rehabilitation. Increase your performance while protecting your knees.
    IPF and IWF approved for competition.

  • PROTEC Original Street Gear Knee Pads, Set of 2, Black, Medium

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    The PROTEC Original Street Gear Knee Pads are a competition quality set of knee pads from PROTEC Original that have long been a top-choice by professional skateboarders and BMX riders. This competition quality set of knee pads from PROTEC Original boasts high-grade, durable fabrics, EVA cup foam, and ballistic nylon that provides protection without restricing movement. PROTEC Original set the industry standard when the street pad series hit the scene. Founded in 1973, PROTEC Original continues to deliver the very best in modern protective equipment with a broad range of impact technology for a variety of action sports — skateboarding, snow sports, bicycling, water sports, and more.Competition quality knee pad set; designed for skateboarding, biking, and a broad range of action sports.
    High grade durable fabrics, EVA cup foam, ballistic nylon, and hardshell ABS plastic caps with stainless steel rivets
    Ergonomically designed stretch material allows complete protection without restricing movement
    Easily adjustable nylon straps with durable velcro attachments
    11 large vent openings to help keep your head cool during intense use; comfortable interior padding

  • Nike Open Patella Knee Sleeve (Black/Dark Charcoal, Large)

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    Open Patella Knee Sleeve L Black/Dark Charcoal · Ventilated stretch construction (machine washable) / Lightweight, breathable and comfortable without sacrificing support · Strategically placed mesh vents / Enhanced airflow and quick-drying comfort · Easy pull-on design / Comfortable compression fit ·Open Patella Knee Sleeve
    · Ventilated stretch construction (machine washable)
    Lightweight, breathable and comfortable without sacrificing support · Strategically placed mesh vents
    Enhanced airflow and quick-drying comfort · Easy pull-on design
    Comfortable compression fit

  • Mueller Jumper’s Knee Strap, Black, One Size Fits Most, 1-Count Packages (Pack of 3)

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    Mueller Jumper’s Knee Strap is designed to improve patellar tracking and elevation by applying mild pressure on the tendon below the kneecap. The tubular insert provides uniform pressure and helps provide pain relief from Chondromalacia (irritated kneecap), Patellar Tendonitis and Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease.Designed to improve patellar tracking and elevation
    Provide pain relief from Chondromalacia (irritated kneecap), Patellar Tendonitis and Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease

  • How Can Volleyball Knee Pads Help Protect Your Knees?

    Why protect you knees? It is very easy to injure your knees in sports like volleyball. There is a lot of sudden movement and jumping that can cause you to fall hard on your knees.

    If you play volleyball indoors, these falls can be really bad for your knees. Hard falls on indoor surfaces can cause injury to your kneecap. When your kneecap is hurt it may feel unstable.

    Injuries that cause your kneecap to be unstable can make you feel like your knee is going to “give out.” This makes jumping, pivoting and running tough. Injuries can cause a lot of pain and keep you off the court.

    How can you protect your knees? If you play volleyball, especially indoors, you need to protect your knees. One way to protect them is by using volleyball knee pads.

    These pads allow you to move freely while protecting your knee. By using these pads you may be able to avoid an injury and remain in the game.

    Which volleyball pads are right for you? There are many pads from which you may choose, and one of these options is the 646 Deluxe Volleyball Pads by McDavid.

    The McDavid pads is made with a 1/2″ thick closed cell athletic foam padding. Which means these pads are made for optimum energy absorption. So when you fall on your knees, the pads will absorb most of the shock.

    You can play harder and endure more without worrying so much about injury when your knees are protected. These volleyball knee pads can also help support your knees to help prevent injuries too.

    These braces come in various sizes from small to x-large. The McDavid pads are comfortable to wear, and their Teflon coating helps to reduce friction

    Most volleyball knee pads are rated a level I. The McDavid pads fall within this rating. This means that these pads provide a basic level of support and protection.

    When you need to protect your knees from falling on hard surfaces, level I pads may be able to provide all the support and protection necessary. Playing volleyball can be rough on your knees.

    The better you protect your knees, the better your game can be. It may help to protect your knees with these pads if you are worrying about being sidelined. Pads suitable for volleyball such as the McDavid pads are designed with athletes in mind.

    Source by J. Pal