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  • Pro-Tec Street Wrist Black Sm

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    PROTEC STREET WRIST BLACK SMOne (1) pair of PRO-TEC Street Wrist Guards
    Size: Small
    Color: Black
    Ergonomically designed splint with full wrap straps
    Provide palm protection and wrist support without compromising your range of motion

  • HumanX The Compressor Pro Performance Knee Sleeve, Small

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    Engineered for maximum compression and stabilization, the compressor from HumanX by Harbinger is a competition-grade performance knee sleeve. The compressor’s multi-layer compression system is comprised of strategically placed panels that target specific areas around the knee joint. Each panel uses harbinger’s patent-pending tri-layer compression material. The result is advanced compression where you need it most! highly breathable and ultra-thin, the compressor is fitted to quads, knee and upper calf, for proper position, stabilization and tracking. A super Flex vent panel curves around back of knee, reducing bulk and increasing comfort when knee is bent, and the back support panels help hold proper position. Technologically advanced materials manage moisture with breathability, keeping knees warm and Promoting circulation. Hand wash cold/air dry. Bonus: the compressor is reversible, increasing your training options — you can workout for time or paint your body with bar. Your choice every workout.Pro performance Knee sleeve
    Engineered multi-layer compression System
    Highly breathable
    Reversible and highly breathable
    Ultra-thin patent pending technology

  • Pro-Tec Athletics Gel Force Knee Sleeve, Small

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    General Application: Great for alleviating knee pain and providing moderate knee joint stability Medical Applications: Patello-Femoral pain syndrome, Patellar tracking, chondromalacia, minor meniscus and ligament tears How It Works: Provides patellar (knee cap) stability with compression surrounding patella. Offers stability on medial and lateral sides of knee. Design Theory: Breathable, soft fabric offers 4 way stretch applying even, comfortable compression throughout brace. Thick oval gel provides excellent comfort and support to patella (knee cap) area. Medial (inside) and lateral (outside) spiral stays offer overall knee joint stability. Sizing Chart Item 7200 Small (13” – 14”) Item 7201 Medium (14” – 16″) Item 7202 Large (16” – 18”) Item 7203 Xlarge (18” – 20″) (Circumference measured 1” above top of patella)Thick gel provides comfortable stabilization to the knee, and absorption of dynamic forces.
    4way stretch material provides supportive compression while allowing full range of motion.
    Light, breathable fabric keeps skin dry reducing any fabric irritation.
    Medial and lateral sprial stays provide knee joint stability.

  • 2X Knee Support Compression Sleeve for Artheritis, Muscle Relaxing Knee Support

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    Joint supports are health related issues that can cause discomfort. By using knee supports, it can relieve pain and suffering.To protect your joint of knee
    Provide underprop and protect your muscle
    Easy to wear, suitable for any sports

  • PROTEC Original Street Gear Elbow Pads, Set of 2, Black, X-Large

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    The Street Gear Elbow Pads are a competition quality set of elbow pads from PROTEC Original that have long been a top-choice by professional skateboarders and BMX riders.This competition quality set of elbow pads from PROTEC Original boasts high-grade, durable fabrics, EVA cup foam, and ballistic nylon that provides complete protection without restricing movement. The PROTEC Original Street Gear Elbow pad is ergonomically designed to provide excellent elbow protection and full arm support. Founded in 1973, PROTEC Original continues to deliver the very best in modern protective equipment with a broad range of impact technology for a variety of action sports — skateboarding, snow sports, bicycling, water sports, and more.Competition quality elbow pad set; designed for skateboarding, biking, and a broad range of action sports.
    High grade durable fabrics, EVA cup foam, ballistic nylon, and hardshell ABS plastic caps with stainless steel rivets
    Ergonomically designed stretch material allows complete protection without restricing movement
    Easily adjustable nylon straps with durable velcro attachments

  • Knee Support Sleeve – Compression Brace for Basketball Crossfit Weightlifting Squatting Running Football Soccer and Other Sports. Fits Men and Women. ACL and Meniscus Tear Recovery. 5 Years Warranty

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    Thank you for considering our knee support. We have worked very hard to bring you a world class product. Our knee support is designed together with professional athletes to find a material and shape that, not only looks good, but will help you get more strength out of your knees.

    Shenton Active Knee Support gives you:

    – Firm and flexible knee support for low- and high-impact sporting activities

    – Increased knee strength

    – Compression and warmth to prevent injuries and speed up recovery

    – Reduced muscle and joint fatigue

    Perfect for squatting, basketball, football, crossfit, weight lifting, powerlifting, soccer, rugby, tennis, hiking, jogging.

    Made in different sizes for a perfect fit (see the chart size to find yours). Unisex, suits both left and right knee. Durable and easy to wash.

    Sold as a single knee sleeve. If you are looking for 2 knee sleeves – simply add two to your cart.

    Shenton Active knee support is the first choice of professionals athletes and we are confident that you will love it too. If you are not happy – you can return our knee sleeve and receive 100% refund.

    ATHLETES’ CHOICE – Premium design, superior quality, made for professional athletes.
    GO HARDER FOR LONGER – Stabilizes the knee and helps to reduce muscle and joint fatigue during intense exercises and heavy use. Unlike other knee supports that can restrict and immobilize your legs, the Shenton Active Knee Support is designed to work with your body and flex as you move to support, not restrict your knees, increase your strength and improve performance.
    PREVENT KNEE INJURY – Take care of the most important joint in your body! We have designed an anatomically shaped Knee Support, made of 7mm neoprene with the highest quality standards. Also recommended for post meniscus tear, ACL and PCL injuries and other knee conditions.
    POWER SQUAT – Shenton Active Knee Sleeve is designed to give your knees additional strength through support. Excellent for squatting, basketball, football, soccer, running, crossfit and weightlifting.
    100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We stand behind our products 100% and are sure you are going to love it. If you are not completely satisfied with our knee sleeve we offer a full refund in the first year and a 5 year replacement warranty! Order now, worry free!

  • Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) Compression & Support for CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Running-5MM Neoprene by Athlos Fitness™

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    Great for CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, and Running. They are also great for rehabbing an old knee injury. We put our knee joints through a lot of stress with our WODs. The constant squatting, deadlifting, wall ball, lunges, and olympic lifts, this all takes a toll. You work hard to stay fit and healthy, make sure you are protecting your knee joint.

    Athlos Fitness knee sleeves were designed using the highest quality neoprene to provide the compression you need to keep your knees healthy. Constructed with double stitching to ensure durability.

    Our sleeves will keep your knees warm to ensure the joint stays fluid and does not lock up on you. The compression will get extra blood flowing to your knees to help with any recovery that may be needed, and the 5mm thick neoprene will help protect your knees from the passing bar or walking lunges.

    -Made of 5mm thick neoprene. Hugs your knee providing warmth and stabilizes the knee without sliding down.
    -Breathable neoprene material retains heat and speeds muscle and joint recovery. Helps relieve muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and soreness.
    -Seamless behind the knee for better comfort.
    -Advanced 3-D contoured knee support and comfort flex design gives the knee joint compression.
    -Promotes faster muscle recovery, blood circulation and minimizes injury.
    -Retains shape even after multiple washes.
    -Stabilizes and helps enhance mobility for muscles and joints. Relieves pressure and improves coordination.
    -One-Year Warranty
    For correct sizing, measure around your lower leg 10cm below the center of the patella (knee cap) with the knee joint flexed 30 degrees.
    XX-Small (28-30cm)-Black/Pink Only
    X-Small (30-32cm)
    Small (32-34cm)
    Medium (34-36cm)
    Large (36-38cm)
    X-Large (38-40cm)
    XX-Large (40-42cm)PROTECT YOUR KNEES – 5mm Neoprene sleeves hugs your knee providing warmth and stabilizes the knee without sliding down. Seamless behind the knee for better comfort and compression. Great for the Gym, CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting etc.
    TOP QUALITY – 4-Way Stretch Technology provides excellent support, compression & retains shape even after multiple washes, keeping these sleeve tight enough to offer a lot of support without cutting off circulation
    INCREASE BLOOD FLOW AND MINIMIZE INJURY – Promote faster muscle recovery & blood circulation & minimizes injury. ÊAlso can help when rehabbing old joint injuries.
    STAY IN PLACE WHILE EXERCISING – These sleeves stay tight and snug during your whole workout without sliding down.
    Priced per PAIR – not per sleeve. Great for men, women, and children. 1-year hassle free replacement warranty.

  • Knee Wraps with Velcro for Gym Workout,Weightlifting,Cross Training,Fitness & Powerlifting – Best Knee Straps for Squats -Suits both Men and Women- 72″ -Great Compression with Elastic Support

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    Mava Sports is proud to bring you the best knee wraps on the market. The new Mava knee support straps were made to solve all your past frustrations and keep you comfortable

    Mava Knee Wraps Features and Benefits:

    Highly comfortable – high performance


    Extra Support and easy adjustabl

    Extandable length- 72 inch elastic materia

    Velcro closure

    What’s in the Box?

    1 Set of 2 Mava Sports Knee Wraps

    Plastic storage bag to help you keep your knee wraps organized and clean

    Who were these Knee Wraps made for:

    Men and Women who want a more efficient knee support, comfort and safety.


    Mava Sports products come with 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like our knee straps for any reason at all, get your money back no questions asked

    You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great! Click the “ADD TO CART” button now…sometimes ‘later’ becomes ‘never’

    COMPRESSION – Streachable High Performance Elastic Fabric, easy adjustable according to different compression needs
    SUPERIOR COMFORT – NO MORE WORRIES – these knee compression support wraps won’t slip, unroll or fall off. Stronger material provides best support for heavy squats,leg presses and high intensity lifting
    EXTRA SUPPORT – this 72 inch wrap can be used as knee brace, knee sleeve, knee band, knee defender all these because of the easy to use material, design and velcro
    VELCRO CLOSURE – NO MORE lose ends – this pair comes with easy to use adjustable velcro closure

  • Mueller Jumper Knee Strap , Red 

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    Mueller Jumpers Knee Support Strap. Fits 10-22” Knees, 25-55 cm. 7 Colors. This adjustable strap is designed to improve patellar tracking and elevation by applying mild pressure on the tendon below the kneecap. The tubular insert provides uniform pressure and helps provide pain relief. One Size Fits Most – Measure around knee, fits 10-22” knees (25-55 cm).One Size Fits Most – measure around knee, fits 10-22” knees (25-55 cm)
    Helps relieve pain from frequent running and jumping
    Tubular insert helps improve patella tracking
    Comfortable for all-day wear
    7 color choices

  • Blitzu Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) Compression Brace Support. Premium Quality Strap and Wrap Knee For Running, Hiking, Basketball, Working Out and All Types Of Outdoor Activities XL

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    – Faster recovery after workout
    – Warm up your knees effectively
    – Stays in place and does not slide down during your activities
    – Supports full motion flexibility while compressing and supporting your knees.
    – Retaining shape after multiple wear and washes.

    Size Guide: While sitting, please measure the circumference of your thigh 4″ above the top your knee.

    – Small 15″-18″
    – Medium 18″-20″
    – Large 20″-22″
    – Extra Large 22″-24″

    These knee sleeves come in a pair (2 sleeves). We recommend going with the smaller size If you are between sizes.

    ✔ BLITZU® COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY- Want to train harder, perform stronger, and recover faster ? Now you can! The Blitzu is the only Knee Sleeves you’ll ever need that has a true graduated fit. This Graduated Compression technique guarantees to balance and targeted support to the patella and knee area
    ✔ PROFESSIONAL HIGH GRADE QUALITY – Made of 73% Polyester & 27% Spandex Premium Performance Fabric. It’s ultra durable, breathable, washable, antibacterial moisture wicking, and UPF50+ 100% Permanent UV / Sun protection. The Blitzu® superior grade circular knit structure delivers 360 degree stretch for greater flexibility, unsurpassed power and durability
    ✔ DESIGNED FOR EVERYDAY USE AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES – Our knee sleeves are extremely comfortable and can be worn everyday to get the support you need! It’s perfect for jobs that require you to be on your feet a lot. It’s also a must have for any leg intensive activity such as Running, Weightlifting, Basketball, Gym Fitness Training, Cycling, Hiking, and more
    ✔ SUPERIOR COMFORT – Our Knee sleeves use Flat lock seams to reduce chafe and irritation for maximum comfort. Suitable for men and women at any age. The Multi-panel compression construction increases oxygen delivery and reduces vibration in active muscles. it’s Designed to Stay Secure, Providing Compression to improve blood circulation in all fitness Activities, and Extended Sessions of Inactivity such As traveling on a Plane, sitting for a long period of time and resting on the bed
    ✔ BUY NOW AND YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED – You’ll be amazed with the knee sleeves from the moment you unbox it! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- Your satisfaction is our guarantee! If you don’t absolutely love your Blitzu® compression sleeves for any reason, let us know and we’ll refund your money back or send you a replacement! That is how confident we are that you will LOVE your Knee sleeves