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  • Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Support (Titanium, 4)

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    GenuTrain is anatomically knitted for a precise fit and features an incorporated visco-elastic insert. This comfortable, lightweight support with the compression massage effect helps relieve knee pain and swelling and helps improve performance during sports or everyday activities. It stabilizes the joint, helps relieve pain and helps to achieve faster mobilization. It promotes proprioception, thus heightening sensory awareness in the knee for increased joint stabilization. If your knee feels weak, is swollen or painful, the GenuTrain knee support can help you.Incorporated silicone Omega pad leaves the kneecap (patella) pressure free and provides intermittent compression to the soft tissue of the joint leading to increased circulation, thus aiding in the resorption of swelling and edema.
    Three-dimensional knit with covered knee avoids window edema, yet keeps pressure off the knee cap
    Can be used to treat: Knee strains or sprains, Knee instability, Post arthroscopy, Pre and post-operative knee inflammation, Osgood-Schlatter’s disease, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Degenerative joint disease (DJD), Adolescent knee pain, Recurrent knee pain
    Comfortable, lightweight, breathable knit will not retain heat for high wearing comfort and is machine washable
    Made in Germany with the highest quality standards

  • Wrist Wraps + Lifting Straps Bundle (2 Pairs) for Weightlifting, Crossfit, Workout, Gym, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding – Better Than Chalk & Leather – Support For Women & Men – Premium Quality Equipment & Accessories – Use Gloves, Hooks, Wrap & Strap to Avoid Injury During Weight Lifting – (Camo Grey) – 1 Year Warranty!

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    Wrist Wraps & Lifting Straps – Bundle of 2 Pairs From Nordic Lifting™ – Maximize Your Potential in the Gym

    Nordic Lifting™ Offers Premium Accessories for Weightlifting Workouts

    – Weight Lifting Straps made of durable heavy duty Cotton (Dimensions: 1.5″ X 23″)
    – Wrist Wraps made of durable Cotton with Elastic Support (3″ x 14″)
    – Straps with Neoprene padding for added comfort
    – One size fits all (Both women and men)


    Lifting Straps Functionality.

    – Extra long straps for better grip when lifting heavy weights
    – More traction and gripping strength than chalk and leather straps
    – Reduces hand and wrist fatigue
    – Useful for many crossfit exercises and powerlifting (specially deadlift), rows, pull-ups, chin-ups, shrugs etc


    Wrist Wraps Functionality.

    – Support and stability during heavy lifting
    – Helps avoid wrist injuries
    – Advisable to use for bench press, shoulder press, crossfit training and other fitness activity


    2 Pairs For the Price of 1 – Inside Package:

    – 1 Pair of Wrist Wraps (2 Wraps)
    – 1 Pair of Lifting Wraps (2 Straps)
    – Instructional on “how to use wrist wraps & lifting straps”


    We are so confident in our Nordic Lifting™ weight lifting accessories that we offer you a 1 year free no-hassle replacement guarantee!

    Click the Add to Cart Button at the Top of this Page Now and Boost Your Personal Lifting Records!Wrist Wraps & Lifting Straps Bundle from Nordic Lifting™ – Premium Weightlifting Accessories to Boost You in the Gym
    One Size Fits All (Both Men and Women)
    Made of Durable Heavy Duty Cotton
    1 Pair of Wrist Wraps & 1 Pair of Lifting Straps – With 1 Year Free No-Hassle Replacement Guarantee!
    Perfect for the Gym, Crossfit Training, Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Heavy Fitness Workouts etc.

  • Pro-tec IPS Elbow Pads, Black, Small

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    All-around elbow pad for soft, comfortable joint protection. The flexible, non-constricting design provides protection from hard conditions, while still allowing your knees and elbows to maintain complete mobility and range of motion.Non-constricting design
    Joint protection
    Complete Mobility

  • Hayaku 7mm Knee Sleeve (Pair of 2) – Premium Neoprene Knee Sleeves for Squatting, Powerlifting and Crossfit – Injury Prevention and Recovery/rehabilitation

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    Hayaku 7mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve

    • Injury Prevention and Recovery Rehabiliation: Soft neoprene material keeps your knees warm which lubricates your joints and prevents injuries. Workout with a peace of mind.

    • Snug Fit: 7mm thick high quality neoprene prevents slippage. Knee sleeves designed with squats in mind.

    • Built to Last – High quality neoprene material will withstand countless number of washes. The only pair of knee sleeves you’ll ever need.

    Knee Sleeves Designed for Serious Athletes

    Popular among serious athletes in the sports of weightlifting, strongman, powerlifting, and Crossfit.

    Renowned support, durability, and distinctive looks. A staple for the gym.


    • 7mm for a Snug fit. Ideal for squats in the gym.

    • Recovery and Rehab – use to prevent injuries and for faster recovery and rehabilitation from existing injuries

    • The Right Fit – Get the perfect fit by using our sizing chart in the images

    • Performance – Achieve more while feeling safe

    • Support and Stability

    • Warmth – prevention and reduction of stiff muscles and joints

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back

    Sold as a pair (2 Knee Sleeves)Sold as a Pair of 2!
    7mm thickness with tight openings to prevent slippage
    100% neoprene construction for warmth and elasticity, Injury prevention and recovery/rehabilitation
    Knee sleeves designed specifically for weightlifting
    Our Guarantee: If for any reason you don’t absolutely love your knee sleeves, just return them and we’ll refund every single penny or send you a replacement. No questions asked.

  • Shock Doctor Adult ShockSkin Multi Sport Knee Pad, Black, Small

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    Shock doctor sports is a leading manufacturer of protective and performance sports equipment.  With a relentless focus on innovation and technology, its products are trusted by athletes, from Youth to amateur to professional, across a growing number of sports.  Shock doctor sports has the world’s leading mouth guard product line and also provides a full Continuum of superior athletic products, including core protective, compression, performance sports therapy, sports gloves (under the cutters Brand) and insoles.  Its products are sold through Major sporting goods retailers, independent Dealers, online retailers and health care professionals throughout the United States and around the globe.Leading sports Protection Manufacturer
    Performance and Protection in mind
    Worn by professional and college athletes worldwide

  • Treatment of an Unstable Knee – How to Survive Knee Instability Problems – Braces For Support

    How is your knee stability currently?

    Are you having any problems with it being unstable?

    Here are two cases studies that show the effects of treatment of an unstable knee. John and Pete were both in their 50s when they had their unstable knee diagnosed as a tear in their anterior cruciate ligaments. Both of them were active in sports and had been so all of their lives. Both of them had years to work before their retirement and needed to be able to walk so that they could get on with their activities of daily living. Neither of them had desk jobs.

    Both John and Pete chose different treatments for their unstable knee problem, also known as a trick knee. The trick knee had a habit of giving out when they were walking, although it was not always such a painful condition. Still, both men knew that the problem had to be addressed.

    How John Treated his Unstable Knee

    John went to see an orthopedic surgeon at the urging of his doctor. The surgeon explained to him that the trick knee was due to a torn ligament and that it could be corrected with surgery. He explained that the surgery would keep him off work for a year and advised him to seek out disability. John had disability insurance and decided that he would go along with this recommendation. He took a leave of absence from his job as a carpenter and underwent the surgery.

    The surgery for the unstable knee was successful in repairing the ligament. John was in the hospital a few days, during which he was in pain but given a morphine pump. When he got home, he had the morphine pump for a week and was then given a painkiller and asked to rest his knee for a few months.

    After a few weeks, he gradually began to feel less pain but was growing more and more dependent on the pain killers. He began rehabilitation. It took him longer to get back to work than normal and he found that he was on disability for over a year before returning to work, due to other complications with his health. During this time, he developed a dependency to painkillers.

    How Pete Treated his Unstable Knee

    Pete did not have disability insurance and was worried about taking so much time off work. He too had the option of surgery to repair the ligament but opted to use a knee brace for his knee. He found that this solved the problem of the trick knee and his knee did not give out so much.

    Using knee braces and on occasion, over the counter medication, he controlled the problem. His doctor also advised him to lose weight, which he did.

    A Reflection on the Treatment Options for an Unstable Knee

    Today, John is back at work and his knee feels pretty good. But his other knee is now giving him trouble. He found that the year off from work hurt him financially and it was also tough to get back into the swing of work. In addition, he found that it was very difficult to kick the painkiller habit. He is opting for more conservative treatment with the other knee and will not undergo knee surgery, despite the fact that the surgery on his other knee was deemed a success.

    Pete still wears the knee brace and takes aspirin once in a while. He also started swimming and exercising his knee and lost 15 pounds. He feels in better shape than ever and the trick knee does not give him much of a problem at all.

    If you feel like one or both of your knees is unstable, then you should consider taking your stability to the next level with a low profile brace. Knee supports can greatly add to the stability of your knee and can have you looking back six months from now, wondering what you ever did without one.

    Source by Daniel P. Sims

  • 1 Pc Sport Football Basketball Cycling Strech Leg Knee Long Sleeve

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    100% Brand new and high quality

    Nice workmanship, with anti slip band, no easy to fall off

    The fabric is breathable and elastic, sweat can be expeled from the breathable fabric

    Well portect muscles from pulling during in outdoor activities such as basketball, football, cycling, golf, baseball…

    Includes:1Pc X Leg Sleeve

    100% Brand new and high quality
    Nice workmanship, with anti slip band, no easy to fall off
    The fabric is breathable and elastic, sweat can be expeled from the breathable fabric
    Well portect muscles from pulling during in outdoor activities such as basketball, football, cycling, golf, baseball…
    Quantity: 1PC NOT A PAIRS

  • Protec Park Knee Pads Black/White Mens Sz S

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    • High-grade fabrics
    • Full-coverage caps
    • EVA cup Foam

    Perfectly suited for the trip to local skate park or session on the backyard ramp. No need to sacrifice quality if you are only a beginner. The Park pads are constructed for protection at an affordable price.

    High-grade fabrics
    Full-coverage caps
    EVA cup Foam Perfectly suited for the trip to local skate park or session on the backyard ramp. No need to sacrifice quality if you are only a beginner. The Park pads are constructed for protection at an affordable price.

  • WOD Nation Knee Sleeve Support Band. Latex Free. Extra Compression for CrossFit, Running, Squatting, Basketball, Weightlifting and Powerlifiting. Fits both Men and Women. [X-Large]

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    BUILT FOR HIGH PERFORMING ATHLETES – If you do any kind of sport that requires heavy use of your legs like weight lifting, CrossFit, running, skiing, basketball, baseball, etc. then you know how hard it can be on your knees. WOD Nation knee sleeves were made with the high-performance athlete in mind.

    SUPPORT WITHOUT STIFFNESS – We made this knee support sleeve with the best 5mm neoprene available. This means that you get top-of-the-line support as well as ease of movement. Other knee sleeves are either too flimsy to offer any measurable support OR they are so thick that you can barely bend your knees at all.

    BUILT TO LAST – There’s no use in making products for high performing athletes if they don’t hold up to regular abuse. These were designed for athletes by athletes and that means that these can be used daily and they won’t stretch out or come apart at the seams. Dish out your hardest workout and they will be ready for more.

    DON’T SETTLE FOR SOMETHING CHEAPER – If you work hard at staying fit and active then don’t skimp on quality when it comes to you equipment.

    WOD NATION STANDS BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS – We offer a full 6 month “no questions asked” return policy. Use them as much as you want and if you don’t like them within 6 months for whatever reason we’ll give you a full refund or replacement.

    X-Small (12.25in – 13in OR 31-33cm)
    Small (13in – 13.75in OR 33-35cm)
    Medium (13.75in – 14.25 OR 35-37cm)
    Large (14.25in – 15.75 OR 37-40cm)
    X-Large (15.75in – 17in OR 40-43cm)

    KEEP FIT WITHOUT DAMAGING YOUR KNEES – No matter what sport you love any of them can be hard on your knees. Protect yourself while rounding the bases, going for the layup or getting deep in your squat. These knee sleeves will help you stay injury free.
    5MM SPR NEOPRENE – We use only the best materials when constructing this knee support. 5mm of SBR neoprene keeps this sleeve tight enough to offer a lot of support without cutting off circulation.
    INCREASE BLOOD FLOW & REDUCE PAIN – WOD Nation knee sleeves add a valuable compression element that increases blood flow and reduces pain, not only during but also after performance.
    STAY IN PLACE WHILE EXERCISING – These knee sleeves stay tight and snug during your whole workout.

  • McDavid 429 Ps Ii Hinged Knee Stabilizer (Black, Large)

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    McDavid Inc. designs and markets sports medicine, sports protection, and performance apparel for active people and athletes. We are relentless in our pursuit of preventing injuries and enhancing performance. McDavid is about highly intelligent gear that’s a hybrid blend of prevention, protection and always, performance. Recovery apparel directly affects performance by influencing your ability to train fully and consistently. McDavid Recovery gear reduces lactic acid build-up, increases blood flow for faster muscle fatigue recovery and improved circulation. We virtually and literally support better performance with our unique technologies of Cross Compression and Targeted Compression. Designed to help any athlete focus on improving performance, achieving more and crushing personal bests.Our products will provid in protecting and helping reduct the incidence of injury
    Supports your return to activity and enhance performance
    Made using the highest quality and most innovative technology and materials
    3/16″ thermal neoprene provides therapeutic heat retention and compression
    Two sided nylon construction for durability
    Two velcro straps and four elastic crossing straps for additional ligament support