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  • Pro-Tec IT-Band Compression Wrap

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    The Pro-Tec IT Band Wrap provides targeted compression, stabilizing the Iliotibial tract. In addition, it absorbs stress to the area and reduces friction and rubbing of the femoral condyle. Alleviates conditions of Iliotibial Band Syndrome.Application: Alleviates conditions of Iliotibial Band Syndrome.
    How It Works: This IT Band Wrap provides targeted compression, stabilizing the Iliotibial tract. In addition, it absorbs stress to the area and reduces friction and rubbing of the femoral condyle.
    Design Theory: The Iliotibial Band Wrap includes a compression pad which provides effective, targeted compression. It is 2″ wide and is made from UBL neoprene which is Velcro compatible and very comfortable on the skin. It is adjustable and stays in place.
    Item 1500 One size fits all

  • Compression Knee Sleeve Support Brace by Ixion

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    Our compression knee sleeves are perfect for a wide array of athletes, from beginners to advanced. They are quick and easy to use, while providing you the knee support you’re looking for to prevent injury and provide stability. They are manufactured from high-quality 7mm thick neoprene, making them some of the most durable you can find in the market.STOP THE PAIN – Our knee sleeves assist with with knee pain symptoms and severe knee pain while doing your heavy lifts, our high quality neoprene provides the relief you’re looking for.
    IMPROVED SUPPORT – An easy alternative to knee wraps or traditional knee braces
    MULTI-USE: Work great for running, basketball, weightlifters, and many other sports.
    UNISEX – These are a great fit for both, men and women. They’re sold as a pair and are universal for both, left and right knees.

  • Shock Doctor Adult ShockSkinulti Sport Knee Pad, Medium, Black

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    Shock doctor sports is a leading manufacturer of protective and performance sports equipment.  With a relentless focus on innovation and technology, its products are trusted by athletes, from Youth to amateur to professional, across a growing number of sports.  Shock doctor sports has the world’s leading mouth guard product line and also provides a full Continuum of superior athletic products, including core protective, compression, performance sports therapy, sports gloves (under the cutters Brand), and insoles.  Its products are sold through Major sporting goods retailers, independent Dealers, online retailers, and health care professionals throughout the United States and around the globe.Leading sports Protection Manufacturer
    Performance and Protection in mind
    Worn by professional and college athletes worldwide

  • Mueller Jumper’s Knee Strap, Black, One Size Fits Most, 1-Count Packages (Pack of 3) Sport, Fitness, Training, Health, Exercise Gear, Shape UP

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    Jumper’s Knee Strap This adjustable strap is designed to improve patellar tracking and elevation by applying mild pressure on the tendon below the kneecap. The tubular insert provides uniform pressure and helps provide pain relief. One Size Fits Most – measure around knee, fits 10-22″ knees (25-55 cm) 994 Gold 992 Black 997 Pink 995 Green 996 Orange 993 Blue 991 RedTubular insert helps improve patellar tracking
    Helps relieve pain from frequent running and jumping
    Focused, mild pressure on patellar kneecap
    Available in 7 team colors
    3 pack black

  • Yosoo(TM) Strengthen Kneepad Honeycomb Pad Crashproof Antislip Basketball Leg Knee Long Sleeve Protective Pad(Black/White, M,L,XL) High Quality by wasooo (M, Black)

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    Product Description

    Size M:Up:30cm;Down Circumference:24cm;Length:44cm;Weight<65KG Size L:Up:31cm;Down Circumference:25cm;Length:45cm;Weight 65KG~85KG Size XL:Up:34cm;Down Circumference:28cm;Length:47cm;Weight>85KG

    Color: Black, White. Quantity: 2 PCS.
    Material: high quality soft & elastic polyester fabric.
    Nice workmanship, with honeycomb pad design to protect leg from crash, as well with anti slip band, no easy to fall off.
    The fabric is breathable and elastic, the sweat can be expeled from the breathable fabric.
    Quantity: 2 PCS(1 pair)


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    PROTEC JR.COMBO KNEE/ELBOW/WRIST BLKOne (1) set of PRO-TEC Knee, Elbow & Wrist Combo Skate Pads
    Size: Youth Small
    Color: Black
    Constructed from quality, durable fabrics
    Perfect for street, park, and learning new tricks

  • Athlos Fitness 5MM Knee Sleeves. Great for CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, and Running. Lifetime Guarantee. 2 Per Pack. (Small, Black/Pink)

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        • Advanced 3-D contoured knee support gives the knee joint compression.

        • Made of 5mm thick neoprene. Anatomical pre-curved compression sleeve and comfort flex design. Material provides a pleasant warmth & compression.

        • Breathable neoprene material retains heat and speeds muscle and joint recovery. Helps relieve muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and soreness.

        • Supports the blood flow & reduces swelling. Reduces pain caused by inflammation & overuse.

        • Stabilizes and helps enhance mobility for muscles and joints. Relieves pressure and improves coordination.

        • Provides compression, warmth & lateral stability during dead lifts, pistols and squats.

        • Used extensively by Crossfit, Strongman, Powerlifting, and Olympic Weightlifting athletes.

    SIZING For correct sizing, measure around your lower leg 10cm below the center of the patella (knee cap) with the knee joint flexed 30 degrees.

    • XX-Small (28-30cm)

    • X-Small (30-32cm)

    • Small (32-34cm)

    • Medium (34-36cm)

    • Large (36-38cm)

    • X-Large (38-40cm)

    PROTECT YOUR KNEES -5mm Neoprene sleeves hugs your knee providing warmth and stabilizes the knee without sliding down. Seamless behind the knee for better comfort and compression. Great for the Gym, CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting etc.
    TOP QUALITY -4-Way Stretch Technology provides excellent support, compression & retains shape even after multiple washes, keeping these sleeve tight enough to offer a lot of support without cutting off circulation.
    INCREASE BLOOD FLOW & MINIMIZE INJURY – Promote faster muscle recovery & blood circulation & minimizes injury.
    STAY IN PLACE WHILE EXERCISING – These sleeves stay tight and snug during your whole workout without sliding down.
    Priced per PAIR not per sleeve. Great for men or women of any age.

  • Knee Brace Four-spring Support Ergonomic Fit Breathable Neoprene Enhanced Stability Active Life Increased Mobility Doc Miller

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    The Doc Miller 4-spring-support neoprene knee support features a breathable design with open patella. The product features an Open patella design to relieves stress on the kneecap while patella stabilizer prevents displacement of the wrap and guides the kneecap into proper motion. The product has 3 straps that allows users to find the perfect fit, and silicone coating inside prevents slippage when active. The extra soft but thick neoprene-infused layer provides added protection and comfort. Moisture vents cover the entire brace to dissipate sweat effectively and create a comfortable wearing experience. The 3 Velcro belts are adjustable to fits 12 inches to 20 inches in knee circumference. This offer is for one piece and is interchangeable between legs.4-Spring design, two springs on either side gives solid stable form and support to knee.
    Breathable soft Neoprene infused materials for comfort and support.
    Open patella design relieves pressure and reduces knee fatigue from heavy usage
    One size fits most knee circumference ranging from 12 inches to 20 inches.
    Silicone strips prevents slippage, while 3-adjustable velcro with stop-strip velcro in between provides the correct level of adjustment.

  • Knee Stabilizer Brace – Increase Your Knee Stability With the Use of a Knee Support

    Are you searching for a way to help stabilize your knee?

    Your Knee Problem

    Let’s take a moment here to talk about this, because it will determine which path you take in finding a knee brace. When you are looking for a knee brace, it is important to determine if you are looking for a way to help stabilize your kneecap (patella) or if you are looking for support for the rest of your ligaments, meniscii, tendons etc.

    Knee Cap Problems

    Sometimes people can have a knee problem that makes their patella dislocate laterally (toward the outside). When this happens, the pain can be a problem of course, but so can the mental strain of watching your knee cap slide out of place!

    Knee braces for dislocating patellas usually include an elastic strap and buttress that rest on the outside of the patella, that provides a slight force toward the middle of your stance. When this happens, the patella is less likely to move laterally, and your dislocation worries have just diminished!

    Overall Stability & Pain Issues

    When you move away from strictly the patella, and you are looking for a good knee brace, you will need to ask yourself a couple important questions.

    1.) Do I have mild, moderate or severe knee discomfort?

    2.) Do I have mild, moderate or severe knee instability?

    You will need to error on the maximum pain and instability that you have felt, because you will need the appropriate knee support when you are faced with these painful or unstable situations again! Once you have these answers you can take them with you to the brace website you are reviewing. You will find that many brace websites will offer their knee braces according to the answers you just came up with…

    The Bottom Line

    When you are worried about your knee, it is important to remember that speaking with your physician is very important. Many people will seek answers from non-qualified people, so it is important to speak with your physician about medical advice. Self diagnosis is never recommended.

    Having said this, most of us can subjectively rate our knee pain and instability, or rate our need for future knee support. Meaningful knee supports can increase your stability, help reduce your knee pain and improve your knee protection as well. – It is your choice whether to go with a brace or not, but in the end you do not want to regret not supporting your knee while you could have!

    Source by Daniel P. Sims

  • Ultra Flex Athletics | Best Knee Brace & Support Open Patella,One Size Adjustable, Neoprene good Sports Compression | relieves joint pain and treats Arthritis, Acl Tear, Meniscus Tear, Tendonitis | Bonus Ankle Brace

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    The best way to solve any problem is to avoid having it in the first place!

    For that matter, Ultra Flex Athletics launched a package very helpful for men, woman, children that practice all kinds of sports or have problems walking.Both knee brace and ankle brace (offered as a BONUS), were created with the highest standards in the industry and the examinations that tested this product are more than satisfied with what UFA achieved.

    People who play Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Wrestling, CrossFit, Golf, Bowling, Fencing, Bicycle Riding, and Soccer are expected to make a lot of fast and dangerous moves during these sports that can provoke injuries.Also our products are recommended to be used by runners, people who go to the gym, lift weights or go to fitness programs.

    This products can be used also as a recovery method after knee/ankle surgeries because it relieves knee pain, strains and arthritis. Works best for meniscus tear, arthritis, acl tear and tendonitis. The knee brace combines the mechanical effect of supporting the muscles and ligaments and the heating effect, which causes high blood flow and helps to recover damaged tissues.

    Our features:

    » silicone strips that will warm up your muscles and prevent slipping

    » enforced trim that guarantees integrity at high tension and a long life span

    » 80% of neoprene that waterproofs the brace, firmly compresses your knee and covers splints.

    » adjustable sizes to provide the best possible grip.

    » open patella design will reduce the pressure on the knee without compromising the compression supplied to the muscle area.

    Click the ADD TO CART Button to Receive Our PREMIUM Products!We guarantee it’s the best equipment you bought lately!

    OPEN PATELLA design that will reduce the pressure on the knee without compromising the compression supplied to the muscle area. ONE SIZE FITS MOST with VELCRO fasteners to ensure a tight fit and an easy fix.
    SILICONE STRIPS that will WARM UP your muscles and prevent slipping. ENFORCED TRIM that guarantees integrity at high tension and a long life span
    80% NEOPRENE that waterproofs the braces, firmly compresses your knee and ankle with the help of twin strings for LATERAL SUPPORT and greater shock absobtion.
    Great use in SPORTS like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Wrestling, CrossFit, Golf, Bowling, Fencing, Bicycle Riding, and Soccer. Also it’s the best choice for people that go to Gym, Fitness programs and also for Runners.
    Both braces can be used also as a RECOVERY method after knee/ankle SURGERIES. Works best for Meniscus Tear, Arthritis, Acl Tear and Tendonitis.