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  • Pro-Tec Street Knee L-Retro(Red/Blue/Yellow) Skateboard Pads

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    Pro-Tec Street Knee L-Retro(Red/Blue/Yellow) Skateboard PadsProtective Gear: Street Knee

  • SlingShot Knee Sleeves by Mark Bell (pair) (Black, 33-35 cm – Small)

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    Sling Shot Neoprene Knee Sleeves are constructed to give mild compression and warmth to your knees while providing a super comfortable fit. We took extra care in using super-soft materials on the inside so the sleeves will slide on easily and don’t irritate your skin. If more compression is desired, pair with a Sling Shot Compression Cuff over top!

    SOLD IN PAIRS! (unlike most neoprene sleeves, ours are sold in PAIRS to save you $$$)

    Provide warmth and compression which supports blood flow and reduces swelling

    Regular use can relieve pain and increase performance

    If tight competition fit is desired, order one size smaller than the recommended size chart

    Thickness : 7mm

    Size chart: (knee circumference)

    33cm – 35cm S

    35cm – 37cm M

    37cm – 40cm L

    40cm – 43cm XL

    43cm – 46cm XXL

    7mm Thick neoprene with a tight opening on top to hold the sleeve in place better than most other brands
    Provide warmth and compression which supports blood flow and reduces swelling
    Regular use can relieve pain and increase performance
    If tight competition fit is desired, order one size smaller than the recommended size chart
    Sold in pairs!

  • Pro-Tec Athletics Gel Force Knee Sleeve, Medium

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    General Application: Great for alleviating knee pain and providing moderate knee joint stability Medical Applications: Patello-Femoral pain syndrome, Patellar tracking, chondromalacia, minor meniscus and ligament tears How It Works: Provides patellar (knee cap) stability with compression surrounding patella. Offers stability on medial and lateral sides of knee. Design Theory: Breathable, soft fabric offers 4 way stretch applying even, comfortable compression throughout brace. Thick oval gel provides excellent comfort and support to patella (knee cap) area. Medial (inside) and lateral (outside) spiral stays offer overall knee joint stability. Sizing Chart Item 7200 Small (13” – 14”) Item 7201 Medium (14” – 16″) Item 7202 Large (16” – 18”) Item 7203 Xlarge (18” – 20″) (Circumference measured 1” above top of patella)Thick gel provides comfortable stabilization to the knee, and absorption of dynamic forces.
    4way stretch material provides supportive compression while allowing full range of motion.
    Light, breathable fabric keeps skin dry reducing any fabric irritation.
    Medial and lateral sprial stays provide knee joint stability.

  • A Lower Back Brace For Golf – Why it Can Help Reduce Pain

    How is your golf game doing lately? Would it be a little bit better if you did not suffer from back pain on the course?

    1.) Introduction

    When a person is living with back pain, every single day on the golf course can become a struggle. The bottom line is that you do not deserve to deal with pain in your lower back when you are trying to enjoy your round of golf! If you suffer from back problems while you are out golfing, it is time to look at a lower back brace for support and pain relief.

    2.) Benefits of Braces

    Instead of consuming a ton of pills to douse your pain on the course, you may want to try other methods of pain relief. This is why so many people turn to back supports whether they are playing golf or not. – Not so long ago, back supports were large, bulky medical devices. Today, they are well-designed and are unobtrusive to wear. Most can be covered by everyday clothing and nobody will really be able to tell that you have one on unless you tell them. In essence, using a back support is noninvasive and does not carry a risk of overmedication.

    3.) How They Can Help You on The Course

    When you play golf you do a lot of walking (or sitting in a cart) and standing. When you are out on the course, a well designed lower back support can effectively help to off load your hurting lumbar spine elements. This is especially helpful if you have a herniated disc or a muscle strain that causes you pain. The off loading we are talking about comes from biomechanically increasing your intercavitary pressure. This sensation is like getting a “hug” around your midsection that does not go away unless you loosen or take off the back support.

    When it comes to playing golf and back pain relief, it is time that you checked out a lower back brace today. They can be a helpful treatment option that will help you to reduce your pain and keep you on the course for a longer period of time. This could add up to more days, weeks or months per year that you can play golf because of the support that these braces can provide.

    * This article is comprised of health information. We have seen lower back braces help thousands of people, but we do have to refer you to your physician for medical advice.

    Source by Daniel P. Sims

  • Mueller Elastic Knee Support – X Large

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    Mueller Elastic Knee Support. Firm comfortable support and pain relief for weak, stiff or sore knees. Top weave prevents rolling. Contour design for proper fit and comfort prevents slipping and bunching. Unique knit gives even compression and allows full range of movement during activity. Reinforced edges for durability.Lightweight elastic knit
    Custom top weave helps prevent rolling
    Reinforced trimmed edges
    Contour design helps prevent slippage and bunching

  • Wrist Wraps (2 Pairs/4 Wraps) for Weightlifting/Crossfit/Powerlifting – For Women & Men – Premium Quality Equipment & Accessories for the Absolutely Best Hand Strength & Wrap Support Possible – Guard & Brace Your Wrists With this Gear to Avoid Injury During Weight Lifting & Cross Fit – (Red & Orange) – 1 Year Warranty!

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    Protect Your Wrists With Wrist Wraps to Avoid Serious Injury and Pain From Your Workout!


    Nordic Lifting™ Offers the Highest Quality Premium Wrist Wraps

    – Extra wide hook-and-loop fastener
    – Top quality materials used
    – One size fits all, both men and women
    – Every wrist wrap fits both left and right hands


    2 Pairs For the Price of 1

    – This listing is for 2 pairs (4 wraps)
    – Each wrap is 14″ long and 3″ wide
    – One pair is black with orange stripes and one pair is black with red stripes


    Safety Comes First!

    Our wrist wraps provide you with incredible stability for your wrists, preventing you from injuring yourself from heavy lifts (for example bench press, military/shoulder press, dead-lift or crossfit training!).


    Highest Quality Hook-and-Loop Fastener

    – We use the most durable material on the market for our fasteners
    – The result is wrist wraps that will last longer than any other brand you can find
    – Higher protection & stability


    We are so confident in our wrist wraps that we offer you a 1 year free no-hassle replacement guarantee!


    Click the Add to Cart Button at the Top of this Page to Protect Your Wrists Now! This Offer Wont Last for Long!

    Wrist Wraps That Protect Your Wrists From Serious Injury During Heavy Workouts
    Premium Quality Made of Durable Material (Dimensions: 3″ X 14″)
    One Size Fits All (Both Men and Women)
    2 Pairs (4 Wrist Wraps) With 1 Year Free No-Hassle Replacement Guarantee!
    Suitable for the Gym, Crossfit Training, Weight Lifting, Powerlifting etc.

  • Pro-Tec Park Knee Pad [Small] Black/White

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    PRO-TEC Park Knee Pads PRO-TEC sets the industry standard with these PRO-TEC Park Knee Pads. These PRO-TEC Park Knee Pads are perfect for street and park, and they’ll keep you protected when you’re learning new tricks. Choose the best and ride with PRO-TEC! Features: One (1) pair of PRO-TEC Park Knee Pads Size: Small Color: Black / White Pro-Tec Park Knee Pad Sizing Chart To guarantee the perfect fit, measure the lower leg in two places. A is the circumference 15cm above the knee center, and B is the circumference 15cm below the knee center. Small: A: 12 in – 14 in (30 cm – 37 cm) B: 9 in – 12 in (23 cm – 33 cm) Medium: A: 15 in – 17 in (38 cm – 44 cm) B: 11 in – 14 in (28 cm – 36 cm) Large: A: 18 in – 20 in (45 cm – 52 cm) B: 14 in – 18 in (36 cm – 45 cm) Extra Large: A: 21 in – 23 in (53 cm – 58 cm) B: 17 in – 21 in (43 cm – 53 cm)One (1) pair of PRO-TEC Park Knee Pads
    Size: Small
    Color: Black / White

  • RedLine Gear Knee Sleeves (pair) (33-36cm (Medium))

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    The RedLine Gear knee sleeve is an excellent alternative to higher priced neoprene knee sleeves. RedLine did not cut corners with this sleeve. High quality neoprene and durable and consistent stitching puts this low priced alternative right up there with higher priced knee sleeves in terms of support and durability. The 5mm width is very comfortable to move in and provides ample support for heavy Olympic lift training.Classic knee support provides compression and warms the joint
    5mm Neoprene provides support without restricting movement
    Measure your knee mid-patella
    Order one size smaller than recommended for tighter fit
    Priced per pair! An excellent alternative to higher priced knee sleeves.

  • Knee Support/Brace – for Knee Pain from ACL, PCL Tear and Injury, Runners or Basketball Knee Protection, Meniscus Tear, Arthritis, Bursitis, Patellar Tendonitis, Osgood Schlatter’s, OSD. Open Patella.

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    The Open Patella Knee Brace features

    • 4 lateral springs, 2 each side of patella opening, helps stabilize sides of knee while allowing controlled freedom of movement

    • Stitched buttress at patella opening and EVA padding reinforces support to patella and anterior knee

    • Warming properties of neoprene helps blood circulation, soothes aching joints and muscles, relieves pain and stiffness associated with general knee injuries, arthritis and post-operative knee surgery

    • Soft, breathable, ventilated inner lining provides wicking, preventing a build up of sweat

    • Velcro straps make it quick and easy to secure knee brace in place, allows support, compression, and blood flow safety

    • Anti-slip silicone strip along top and bottom of brace helps maintain position around knee, preventing slippage

    Ideal for

    • Protecting the knee in everyday situations such as household chores, walking, driving, and gardening

    • Sporting activities such as squats, hiking, baseball, soccer, cycling, shooting, crossfit, or virtually any athletic sport or activity

    • Arthritic pain, post-operative pain, Osgood Schlatters, meniscus, ACL, PCL, MCL or LCL problems, joint and aging pain

    Washing instructions

    • Hand wash in cold water, rinse and air dry

    • Do not: machine wash, use fabric conditioner, tumble dry, bleach, or iron

    Be safe! If in any doubt consult with your physician

    Buy with confidence

    1 Year No Quibble Money Back Guarantee. Should your Knee Brace disappoint in any way, return it within 1 year of purchase, and we will replace or refund without question

    Click ADD TO CART now to order your Open Patella Knee BraceBlack neoprene with open patella, padding, vented lining, and support springs, allows free movement
    Support for injured, weak or arthritic knees during sporting and occupational activities, warms and soothes
    One size, fits knee 10-18 inches measured at knee-cap, secured with three fully adjustable compression straps
    Supports and protects knee injuries, helps relieve post-surgery knee pain, strains and arthritis
    Ideal for men and women, use on left or right knee, build confidence for your walking/sports activities

  • Mueller Sports Medicine Hg80 Knee Support, Black, Medium

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    Designed with lightweight performance materials to enhance all phases of activity warm up, high intensity and cool down therapy with support and extreme comfort. Recommended for all activities. The antimicrobial treatment is intended to protect the brace and does not extend protection to the skin.Made from latex free materials
    Protect the brace and does not extend protection to the skin
    Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent
    Unique compression with gel buttress for superior knee support
    Measure around center of knee (fits 14-16 inches)